3 Keys to Getting Celebrity Endorsements For Free

celebrity marketing

Most people aren’t aware of what celebrity marketing is, so what is it? When you watch a TV commercial or advert online and a celebrity is endorsing a certain product, this is technically classed as celeb marketing. These advertising tools have become greatly sought after in recent times and yet they can be extremely costly. However, there are ways in which you can get free celebrity endorsements and the following three factors are just a few simple options you could utilize.

Appeal to the Celeb by Focusing the Endorsement on Them

Celebrities usually want good publicity and endorsements can offer them good publicity and that is what you have to appeal to. When you write to a celebrity you have to appeal to their sense of publicity and focus on the things they want to get from this. So, start your letter off by informing them why you want them to endorse your product and what is in it for them. Hopefully they will like the ideas you’re bringing forward and will respond to you within a relatively short period of time. Celebrity marketing is going to be useful if you approach them correctly.

Make Sure They Know Who You Are

You want the celeb to get interested in your cause and that means you have to let them know all about you! Tell them briefly about your products or whatever it is you want them to endorse. When you do, be honest and don’t stretch the truth and hopefully you’ll talk in a nice creative manner. If the celeb likes what they hear, they will get back to you. However, if you find the celeb isn’t interested, you could contact others and even if you have two or three celebs who want to endorse your product that can be great! Celebrity marketing isn’t too difficult, but you have to make the celebs interested in what you have to offer.

Offer an Exchange

celebrity marketing

You ask them to endorse your product or service and you in return offer them good publicity. This is what a celebrity wants and needs to raise their profile and keep them in the limelight. Now, you might think celebrity marketing is overly expensive and out of your reach, but in reality, you can get free endorsements. It is possible as long as you approach the celebs on the right foot. If you don’t make it clear that there is an exchange, then your request could fall flat. At the end of the day celebs are interested in publicity and they might not think they’ll get that when they endorse it so if you make it clear, it can appeal to them more. Visit http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/marketplace-celebrity-endorsements-1.3841922 and get plenty of information about celebrity marketing strategy.

Getting Free Endorsements Is Possible

No one likes the idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on endorsements and when it comes to celebrity endorsements, the costs can run into the hundreds of thousands range. However, it is possible to obtain free endorsements when you put your mind to it and there are ways to do just that. Contacting the celeb via a nice, polite and effective letter it will bring the celeb to your door. Celebrity marketing has become far easier than you’d think and if you contact the celeb they may offer their assistance.